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kaye ♥
06 November 2030 @ 03:06 pm
PLEASE ADD ME @ littlepianogirl 

: intimidatedintimidated
kaye ♥
23 May 2009 @ 04:25 pm
so many friends.
but so little communication.

only a few have had that communication with me.
i think some of you added me up because of the important
things i post once in a while. :(
so, i shall be cleaning up~

*cleans up


if you still want to be my friend, comment right at this post here, okay?
if you don't, then okay. :] nice having you in my f-list.
remember, if you still plan on adding me up in the future,
you are more than welcome to
comment here at my friends-only post. :]
: lazylazy
: [青春アミーゴ - 修二と彰]
kaye ♥
21 May 2009 @ 02:07 pm

sorry, adam fans, but i prefer kris. :]
he looks gay to me

: pleasedpleased
: [ai intro music]
kaye ♥
19 May 2009 @ 10:55 pm
YABU KOTA / YAMADA RYOSUKE / CHINEN YURI (and are there still others) went to the KAT-TUN con. D:

gah. :/ i want yutoheart
he is close to kat-tun after all...just please, kat-tun, don't molest him, don't don't don't!
KAT-TUN, i guess, is one of the most perverted group in JE (after ARASHI...?)*O*

i want a yabupapa-hikarumama icon. D: give me some, please? teardrop
i ship hikabu, ne. wink

anyways, dear f-list, i share with you...the HS7 tempo unit!
takayamajimachioka as jeans models. oh, wow, that's a wonderful
OTP name...nya. is it still a pair??

i present you...SPRING SPECIAL JEANS~Collapse )

i want icon. graaawr.

: enthralledenthralled
: [my everything piano version]
kaye ♥
17 May 2009 @ 10:44 pm

chinen's proposal @ school kakumei please. :)


-mf link

my friend, koikechiaki, said that this was what was happening:
Chinen was commenting on how big the bench is, and like how one more person can sit with them.
Then he pops the question: Marry me and we shall make a baby and put it into this space.

o...kay. :))

*credit if taking. comment/thank you's are very well appreciated. :D


ohh, i just love the way yamada shrieked chinen's name out.
^member ai ♥

and then before i disappear TONIGHT [ yes, tonight only--what? i have to savor my vacation. i might
have lotsa hiatus during school days. ;'( ], shikagi /icy nee-chama, i am now having fun with my yuto&drum
set.  >:] arigato gozaimashitaaaaaaaaaaa!!

now, i disappear. :)

*rushes to the kitchen
i want yuto cookie.

: chipperchipper
: [key of heart - BoA]
kaye ♥
17 May 2009 @ 01:51 pm

sorry for spamming you.

my dear friends (especially my f-list)
minutes after posting my yuto picspam, i bring you...
for you and for meeeee~Collapse )
i think this is from a pamphlet or what..if it is...then i shall SEARCH the WORLD. :) take it if you want to. :)
and then for the people who got bitten by the CHIIbug.

ookiku na~ne, bokuCollapse )
if these were posted already then...oh well. :)) (with a little bit of daichii here)

credit if taking, by the way. :) the source is the site i am stalking currently.

i am now learning how to stalk sites. O___O
 </div>my hamster doesn't understand or haven't thought of a way on how to eat the lettuce i gave him. :))
now, i shall go back on track. i'm looking for songs to cover. :)
: bouncybouncy
: [star time - hey! say! jump]