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kaye ♥
16 May 2009 @ 11:57 pm

as much as i want to make a banner i can't. :/

so, hora ne. :D

if some of you would want to watch the video again, then...hora:

credits: rikolovesje@yt

*comment if taking. :) thank you's are very much appreciated.

btw, a little yama-chan extra. found this. IT MADE MY STOMACH HURT.

and also JUMP. this is a weird nightday.

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kaye ♥
15 May 2009 @ 05:36 pm

okay. sorry for spamming your f-page, f-list. :)
it's just that i'm in a very great mood today because
granny's feeling better by the minute.

to those who prayed for her, thank you.

and to show my gratitude, i have here...TWO VIDEOS.

-their letters are choooooooooooooooo cuuute. (:
-the JE Brotherly Trio are mentioned
-yuto and hikaru has something to complain about each other--and it came out rather funny.

-did it on rinkaarh's request. ;)
-look at yamada's expression. :))
-yuto's girly expressions...TIMELESS.
-yuto's magnificent gestures.
-the torture senburi-cha could give you...

**credits goes to YT && the marvelous xilisoft prorgram. ;)
**comment if taking. little thank you's are very much appreciated, y'know...
(i posted that specifically on zShare so that i could keep track of people dl-ing
it and the people commenting. >:] bwahahaha)
considering other people's server,
i upped it @ MF. but still, please do comment!

so there. (: im'ma gonna rest now.
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kaye ♥
13 April 2009 @ 03:09 pm

Friends Cut.
don't hold grudges against me. i just deleted the ones whom i really wasn't having any kind of connection. funny thing is, i added you guys with the thought of having more friends, but how will we become friends if we are not even talking to each other? please understand.

i've deleted those who are not COMMENTING and those whom i think are...not existing in the internet world. please don't get mad at me. i didn't delete you because i hate you. that's out of the question. this is also all of a sudden for me. i deleted those who are really not having any kind of connection and/or communication with me.

if you could still see my posts that has the 'lock' tinyicon, you're still on the list.
if otherwise...then, i'm truly very sorry.

i kept the trusty people on my list. such as my mom (you know yourself, mama ai), and my sisters (you know yourselves, ate peach, otap and ate melai).

some, i kept because we're having real communications.

but, don't worry. to those whom i deleted, i won't close myself from you.all you have to do is just comment again on my friends only post. it's over H E R E.

so, there. i hope we all understand. thank you guys.


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kaye ♥


alright. since it's your birthday, i watched KOIZORA FOR YOU.

i was supposed to make a pic spam, but i am too lazy and lj-cut
might not cooperate with me again.

so, let's leave it at that.
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kaye ♥
30 March 2009 @ 08:20 pm

i really didn't want to do this but...


aishiteruyuto23, badless, chikka_chan, czacullen12, edella_cullen, jessel_nakajima, keicess08,megu13_yama, niryta, phanyang040925, shouieyamada, yamagum_23

PLEASE COMMENT NOW, or else. i won't really add you back like what i did to those people who added me before. i let that pass because it was the first time. BUT NOW.

i can't let it pass anymore. some of you added me maybe because of the graphics i post at the comms i am a member of.

so, comment now before i shout, 'this is the last straw.'


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kaye ♥
random adders, ANNOUNCEMENT.


if you want to be respected, respect others first.
you have to follow their rules so they can respect you.
if you want to be treated well, you have to treat others
well too..


i'm getting worked up because of that. i'm so irritated now.

if you don't comment, then i'm gonna have to make my important posts
for friends only and the only way you can get them is by COMMENTING on
my friends only post.

if you add me because you've just seen my graphics, then i won't add you
back. i don't want leeches on my f-list, 'kay? that's like using others and hoarding
all the credit for yourself.

follow all my rules. i'm not really that irritated, but i'm already at the edge of
getting you all on my black list. :| YOU HAVE TO COMMENT FIRST.

this is why a lot of lj users are making their posts visible for their f-list only.

is the rule that hard to follow? IS IT?

so, again.

i don't want to treat other fans
like they're some kind of delusional

if you don't want to comment there, you can comment here instead. ESPECIALLY THOSE RANDOM ADDERS.
my posts do not bite, don't worry..except if i want them to bite you.

comments here are screened.


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